Occult Meditations

The meditations are global in their concept

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Sri Lalitha

Explanations of Sri Lalitha Sahasranama stotram (book set containing 10 books)

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Narayana is to be realized in three steps. The first step is called Vishnu, the second is called Vasudeva and the third is called Narayana. There is a specific path of realization by applying oneself to the discipline relating to the three terms namely Vishnu, Vasudeva and Narayana

Master Parvathi Kumar

The Aquarian Age has arrived. Man gains the experience of etheric existence. Consequently he also gains the etheric body. It unveils the truth of deathlessness – meaning immortality. This book contains practical steps towards attaining immortality.

Etheric Body

Service is the purpose of all life. Mineral, plant, animal, planet, devas – all serve. Man needs to join to find harmony within and without. Those who know, settle for life ‘in Service’. Service is the ordained law in creation. It is inescapable.

On Service

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